Adrian Disc Golf

Disc Golf

Look, if you play traditional golf you know that as Mark Twain said it is a "good walk… spoiled". The game is so incredibly frustrating. While today's skinny, Tiger Woods-inspired kid pros can hit the ball 400 yards off the tee, modern amateur golfers struggle to keep up with the Joneses from the 1980s – despite advances in club technology, low spin drivers, high spin balls and all of the other garbage technology. Our best advice for the average golfer is to take up drinking and quit the game of golf … Just not DISC GOLF.

What is disc disc golf you say? It is a sport that actually behaves like a sport and lands somewhere between Ultimate Frisbee and traditional golf. The game was created by some creative Canadians in Saskatchewan and grew into a bit of a regional, college hit somewhat riffing off of the popularity of collegiate Ultimate Frisbee. Disc golf course are setup, somewhat unlike traditional golf courses which have nine and 18 hole configurations – they come in configurations of three holes be it: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24 or 27 holes. The sport is SO SERIOUS that Disc Golf is ruled by an organizing body known as PDGA AKA the Professional Disc Golfers Association.

(2019 PGDA World Champs of Disc Golf)

Holes in disc golf look a lot like a ghetto basketball net complete with chains that allow for the Ultimate Frisbee type disc to fly and stop at the "flag". When "putting" in disc golf, there are smaller, Wham-o brand discs used from close range. Players have a variety of ways to toss a disc be it Backhand, Forehand or all sorts of other ways such as "grenade" "hatchet" "roller" or "chicken wing".

Pro disc golfers can compete all over the world. Women compete favorably in disc golf too thanks to the PDGA.

Disc Golf is a fast-paced actual sport that you need to be a true athlete to compete in. It is more democratic and "for the people". It can be played in a public park or any open space. It is fun, cheap and accessible. Try it out.